Big Brain Wolf

Big Brain Wolf

Big Brain Wolf is a fantastic puzzle game in which you are a funny Wolf
3.5  (2 votes)
Frima Studio Inc.

Big Brain Wolf is a fantastic puzzle game in which your character, Wolf, has to solve the mystery of his mother, who has been framed to be a murder. The story of the game unfolds as you progress, visiting new scenes, looking for specific objects, and meeting new characters. You will also find challenging logic puzzles that will certainly make you think for a while. You can use up to three hints per level, but these hints have to be unlocked with the keys obtained by doing brain training exercises. The longer you do these exercises, the more keys you get. As you progress in the game, the puzzles get more and more challenging. I suggest you save the hints for later or you will surely get stuck in the middle of the game, without being able to find the solutions for the puzzles. The story has a great sense of humor, but only adults will be able to understand the jokes. The graphics are also very good, with excellent cartoon-style characters and well-done scenarios.
All in all, Big Brain Wolf is an excellent game for puzzle lovers who enjoy challenging puzzles.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Clever hint system
  • Great graphics and effects
  • Fun story with a lot of sense of humor
  • Challenging but really enjoyable


  • Only intended for adults
  • Gets really difficult by the middle of the game
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